The customized marketing coaching covers all aspects of coaching based on what your business needs. You could use the coaching hours to help you create a full marketing plan for your business, solve a specific challenge, get training on some aspect of marketing you want to learn better, guidance on how to use inbound marketing effectively for your business or a combination of many areas. You choose the areas you want to focus on.

The JustReal Marketing Game Plan is designed to create a full web presence for your business over a six month period while providing coaching and mentoring to you or someone in your organization. This service focuses on creating your mobile responsive website, fully optimized social media profiles and directory listings. Once your web presence is in place and you have executed on your marketing plan for 90 days, you can then decide whether to do the marketing yourself or outsource to a full-service marketing agency.

The agency marketing service packages are targeted at small to medium-sized businesses that want to partner with a marketing agency and outsource their marketing activities. By outsourcing some or all of your marketing to us, you can spend more time on other things in your business. The packages are customized to each business’s needs and are designed for consistent activity each month.

The answer to that question is “all the time”.

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